Department of Architecture: Sunone Headquarter

Located in Bangkok and designed by the Thailand-based studio Department of Architecture Co. Ltd., the new location for a software developer, Sunone, presents designers with a great challenge dealing with quality of living for existing residents and working  conditions for the newcomer. In order to preserve serenity of the area, respect privacy for each residence and simultaneously create a pleasing working environment for staff, a pattern of horizontal screening was introduced to the project. Not only does it create a visual barrier between inside and outside; allowing no direct sight from inside to surrounding residences, but it serves as a light filter  generating an array of quality light for the interior space. The interior design strategy was designed to promote flexibility and transparency in the work environment. While the exterior screen reflects technological character of the company's field of business, the interior screen, on the other hand, directly reflects the adventurous personality of the owner and staff. Industrial material like colourful PVC strip curtain has been cleverly incorporated throughout the building to reflect energy and liveliness of these extreme-sport lovers. Besides operating as a partition and enclosure, this screen, with its transparent properties, also functions as an indicator of an area's privacy level. By using PVC strip curtains, openness and transparency of the office space are maintained.
Link: www.departmentofarchitecture.com