Cetatuia Loft: Ion Popusoi + Bogdan Breda

The building site, designed by the Romanian architect-duo Popusoi and Breda, is situated in Brasow, at the edge of the historical centre of the town, with an amazing panoramic view over the mountains and historical centre of the city. This context demanded that the positive aspects of the site and the landscape were emphasised and exploited, while the space itself was used to its maximum potential. Without these horizontal and vertical glazed surfaces the house would have lost a very important spatial dimension and the relationship between the interior and the landscape. The strongly emphasised verticality of the living room walls is attenuated by the gallery of openings of various sizes and depths, connecting this room to something beyond the wall, either inside or outside the house. This is actually the interior decoration of the house. The stairs were reduced to their bare minimum " just the steps. The railings were almost dematerialised by transparent glass and windows with PVC frames; thus non-essential elements that altered the clear perception of space were eliminated as much as possible.
Links: www.ionpopusoi.ro