Beach Refuge: Pablo Errazùriz

The refugee, designed by the Chilean architect Pablo Errazuriz is located 260 km to the north of Santiago. The challenge was to design a space, with a reduced budget, to spend short vacations. It also had to be safe; and easy to maintain. The programme consists of three elements: - Container; a recovered container, clad with Corten steel plates with wooden boards painted white for the interiors, which include a bathroom and a kitchen. The exterior has a wooden deck terrace with a steel structure on top of it with the same dimensions as the container (6×2.4m) that holds a PVC sheet for wall and ceiling when required. - Tent yard; a small area marked by low stone walls with river sand, connected through gravel footsteps. - Water tower; acting as a warehouse and “engine room" on the first level, a bedroom on the 2nd level and a water tank on the 3rd level.
Link: www.pabloerrazuriz.cl