Bohemian Flathouse

Production : Minneapolis, USA

Design : John Vierra

Description :

John Vierra, a young American architect, has designed the Bohemian Flathouse, located in an old residential area of Minneapolis, USA. To promote the longevity of the project, the entire structure has been developed on a PVC floatation system, allowing the building to move in sequence with the unpredictable nature of the site. The boat house also has the ability to move off site and become an extension elsewhere.

The pedal boats are placed above water onto a rotating wheel, providing an efficiently compact and secure way of managing the boats. The expression of the wheel is then reinforced by embracing the flexible and elastic properties of vinyl through a continuous fold following the profile of the boat wheel. Its minimal expression is sympathetic to the surrounding landscape and community.

The building consists of a dense program containing services on the north-west end of the boat house, which opens toward the south side with a generous and flexible community eating and visiting space. The footprint of the boat house is compact and efficient, minimising the surface area of the envelope. The building is elongated east to west maximising opportunities for solar heat gain in the winter and capturing the prevailing southern winds during the summer.

Link : www.ftarchitecture.com