Giancarlo Mazzanti: Leon de Grief

The aim of the project, the new Leon de Grief Library Park situated in Medellin, Colombia, was to facilitate the largest amount of urban connections and the development of public spaces. To achieve this, there were several proposals including enabling the roof of the building as a  public space, empowering meeting places and developing view-points which overlook the city. The project, designed by the Colombian architect Giancarlo Mazzanti, consists of a system formed by three self-contained square modules rotated on their axis that turn, adapting themselves to the landscape and the view; and one curved module that unites and relates to the other  modules and, in addition, allows other uses. The project is a landscape that gives the urban geography continuity through the paths and the building of public space on the rooftop, a landscape constituted by paths, theatres or inclined plazas, a spatial network with
connection multiplicity and meeting places. All interiors are developed with vinyl floors in different colours and shapes limiting pedagogic areas. Crystal plates sandwiched with coloured resin are built on the inside to mark and provide some colour to the pedagogic areas. The mobile PVC panels of the façade are of folded cool rolled planks and curved borders with elements in teak wood.
Link: www.giancarlomazzanti.com