Andrade Morettin Arquitetos: House RR

The House RR, a summer house in semi-tropical Sao Paulo, Brazil was designed by Brazilian Architects Andrade Morettin Arquitetos in a place with exuberant vegetation and a hot humid climate. The quasi-industrial feel of the generous 220-square metre house is offset by the towering wall of greenery that surrounds it, and the inside-outside feel of a platform in the jungle is enhanced by the hammocks hung casually on the wooden frame. In the two large facades of the house, generously open to the scenery, panels of glass fibre mosquito screens with PVC coating were installed, pivoting or sliding, with the intention of creating an external membrane, capable of keeping the insects out, without creating an obstacle to the ocean view and wind. The whole structure is elevated 75cm above ground level, supported by concrete pillars cast on site. All other components used in the construction are prefabricated and were simply mounted in place on the construction site. The adopted constructive system, besides reducing assembly time and errors, assured a dry onstruction site, with little generation of waste and low environmental impact.
Link: www.andrademorettin.com.br