CitizenM Hotel

Production : Amsterdam

Design : Concrete Architectural Associates

Description :

CitizenM is a new hotel made of prefabricated room modules at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam, designed by Dutch architectural firm Concrete Architectural Associates. Concrete created the concept of CitizenM as a holistic plan that would set the boundaries for every creative process and output in all disciplines involved. The building is a black metal box, dominated by the pushed out big glass windows of the rooms. The various depths of the aluminum frames and the angled glass give an individual twist to the rigid façade. The big glass windows on the ground floor are placed inside the building, creating a natural transfer between inside and outside and showing the living rooms and lobby space to the street. As an extension of this dynamic interior, a red coloured glass box marks the entrance. CitizenM wants to also contribute to its cultural environment. Two huge artworks, printed on PVC mesh fabric are placedon the façade. The works are made by a talented local artist, but in a few years they will travel from one hotel facade to the other.


Link : www.citizenm.com