Lorcan O'Herlihy: Jovanovic Residence

Sitting on a steeply sloping site in the Crestwood Hills neighbourhood of Los Angeles, the Jovanovic Residence combines a progressive and sustainable solution to an existing structure and addition. Through the utilisation of  ontinuous foil wrap, various program elements including; a new guest suite, significant modifications to the master bedroom, exterior decking, and facade, are synthesised together with a singular cohesive element. Usually used to shade vegetation and outdoor space from insects and bugs, this PVC coated polyester woven yarn was re-formulated to sustainably and programmatically cast a new identity and energy on the house. Separated from the existing stucco finish, the durable skin protects the house from solar abuse and heat gain. In addition, rather than following the form directly, the skin reduces the geometries of the existing house to simplified, planar shapes. The resultant forms create a powerful dialogue between existing and new space. At different times privacy screening/ guardrail/shading device, the skin embraces the house
to create new found relationships between indoor and outdoor; and public and private. Link: www.loharchitects.com