Simon De Aguero: Brittlebush

Brittlebush was developed as a design/build experience for Simon De Aguero, designer and project manager. The design is an experimental desert dwelling for winter residents at Taliesin, the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture. Simón envisioned the design to be an open- air living space with protective roofs and walls for the sleeping area. Approximately 90% of the steel in the project was salvaged from the school's scrap yard; 100% of the rammed earth for the walls was from the school property and 100% of the wood used for the formwork was salvaged from on-site renovation waste. A steel structure was designed to frame 7.5cm thick rammed earth walls surrounding a patio, fireplace, and bed. The masts and anchors on the structure can adaptively accommodate a 17 square-metre PVC roof membrane. Link: www.archdaily.com