Production : London, United Kingdom

Design : Raumlabor Berlin

Description :

German Architecture firm Raumlabor Berlin has created an incredible inflatable pavilion that will be popping up in parks throughout London this summer as a mobile event space. Dubbed Portavilion, the futuristic-looking bubble building sets up in a snap and can be easily deflated and packed up after each event, saving on the manpower and resources required to erect a standard stage.Touring throughout London this summer, the Portavilion will host a number of events including productions by the English National Ballet, the London Festival of Architecture, the Tate Modern and even the Royal Society of Arts. The structure consists of a van, from which an air-filled transparent PVC membrane inflates to create a temporary space. According to the architects, “this translucent bubble can squeeze under bridges, wrap around trees or nestle into corners, providing a nomadic, inside/outside space in which people can perform debate, eat or simply hang out.”

Link : www.raumlabor.net