Various Architect MPV - Mobile Performance Venue

MPVThe Mobile Performance Venue (MPV) designed by the Norwegian Various Architects will represent Arts Alliance Productions and their performance "ID - Identity of the Soul", a five-screen cinematic performance based on Norwegian playwright Henrik Ibsen's epic poem Terje Vigen and Mahmoud Darwish's poem A Soldier Dreams of White Lilies. Associative images of the poem, interspersed with filmed images of an actor presenting it are projected onto five 12mx7m HD-video screens. Live dancers perform in front of, behind, and between the screens throughout the show. The brief for the project was for a lightweight and easily transportable venue that met their technical requirements for projection screens and surround sound system, while also creating a unique and iconic structure. The current design makes the MPV one of the largest mobile venues in the world. The main goal was to make the structure as lightweight and compact as possible to reduce shipping weight and volume. The final solution to this was the self-supporting PVC skin of hexagonal inflated tubes and cushions that form the front-of-house and back-of-house spaces. The specified fire resistant PVC fabric is durable and 100% recyclable.


Link: variousarchitects.no