DR Concert Hall

Production : Copenhagen, Denmark

Design : Jean Nouvel

Description :

The opening of the DR Concert Hall means a national and international concert venue for Denmark and a new architectural landmark for the capital. The complex, part of the TV network’s new headquarters in Copenhagen, contains all facilities for the Danis Broadcasting Corporation’s music production. Nouvel’s design encloses a series of volumes, housing a different programme or function, in a 45 metre tall rectangular box with transparent blue “screen” walls. The building will be constantly changing depending on the lighting conditions and the time of day; both revealing and concealing the interior. At night the building lights up with images projected on the “screen.” From the outside in bright light, it looks like nothing more than a large rectangular box that for some reason is swathed in electric-blue scaffolding net and plopped down in an industrial landscape. When the sun goes down, it is transformed into an ethereal, dematerialised object with images of musicians eerily flitting across the screens of glass fibre with a PVC coating. The multilevel interior foyer also changes personality by day and by night.


Link : www.jeannouvel.com