Linz Airport Car Park

Production : Hörsching, Austria

Design : Formart

Description :

The car park, designed by the Austrian architects Formart, is situated in front of the main entrance of theLinz airport.The owners called for a lightweight construction thatcould be quickly and cost-effectively dismantled andrebuilt at another site in case of the possible later erectionof a multi-storey building on the present site. Theconstruction consists of 15 separate funnel-shapedmembranes covering a total area of 3020 square metres.The internal membrane hides the steel structure fromthe viewer.Following alternating light conditions during the courseof a day shadows appear and fade, so that one can guessthe hidden structure. These funnel-elements embody ina compact way the need for the subscribed function.Thus, the load bearing beams, the skin membrane andneeds of sewerage are merged in one plastic unit.For roof skin a membrane made of PVC coated polyesterfabrics with 10% light transmission and 7% solartransmission is used. This leaves the parking light andoverheating of the vehicles is thus prevented.In the night hours the building is illuminated by fourground lights, with each column reflecting the buildingto an illuminated sculpture.


Link : www.worldbuildingsdirectory.com