Velodrome Odense


The new Velodrome designed by Mikkelsen Architects is located in Odense, in a suburban open and green area where trees as well as existing vegetation surround the existing outdoor cycle track and associated buildings. The project describes a solution with the enclosure of a 250 metre long cycle track, as well as establishing a new timber cycle track in combination with a 200 m running track and field event facilities in the central area.

The building is located within the existing track’s geometry – this will help emphasise the area’s landscape character, while at the same time all existing vegetation is arranged in relation to and supports the existing track’s geometry. 

Thus the new building will, right from the start, be surrounded by plants. The building is located as far south as possible in the existing track’s geometry. This location will make the building visible to passersby. Surplus excavated earth will be used as fill in the area to the north of the building. Additionally the open area on the site will benefit greatly as it will appear as a larger combined area.

The biggest challenge with regard to the structural design is the need to design a structure that can span over a large column-free area while being both the lightest and most structurally and economically effective solution. During the first stages of the design process it became clear that the best way to achieve these goals was to use a membrane structure in combination with a supporting structure of steel. A membrane functions simultaneously as structure and cladding for the roof. This reduces both weight, costs and the environmental impact of the structure.

The roof consists of nine PVC membrane panels supported by eight structural steel trusses. The trusses are unusual since their centre lines are not vertical but are “tilted” off the vertical to match the slope of the roof. This architectural feature, made the design and especially the installation of the trusses more complex. The longer trusses are 85 m in length. The thrust force in the arched trusses is balanced with a Macalloy bar.


Project: Velodrome Odense

Location: Odense, Denmark

Architects: Mikkelsen Architects, Copenhagen, Denmark

Technical info: PVC roof

Picture credits: S..ren Aagaard

Website: www.mikkelsengroup.dk