The Edicola – Caritas Pavilion



“Divide to multiply. Breaking the bread” is the theme represented in three dimensions in the pavilion with which Caritas takes part in the Expo 2015; indeed, the architectural concept centres around the idea of sharing as an opportunity. 

The Edicola, this is the name of the small pavilion designed by Milan-based architecture studio PiùArch, has the appearance of a fragmented cube, the structure has been designed keeping simplicity at the core of its composition and the unadorned nature of its appearance. The structure is divided into five sub-structures that are similar to each other but of different sizes and designed for different purposes. They are positioned on the ground and joined by vertices, a reference to the Edicola’s typical square floor plan. The uniformity of the construction is provided by its structural profile characterised by the same external dimensions, colour and materials. 

Thanks to its extremely simple structure, the Edicola is truly eco-sustainable. Externally, it is made of PVC pre-tensioned mesh that lets the air flow through without any need for air conditioning and lets in natural light which helps keep energy use to a minimum.

The plot occupied by Caritas presents a number of different features: a 200 sqm. outdoor paved area that greets visitors, a 150 square metre covered area divided into different rooms, and a 550 square metre green area. It is not just a place but five situations and five experiences that help visitors relate to the Caritas world.


Project: The Edicola – Caritas Pavilion

Location: Expo 2015, Milan, Italy

Architects: Pi.Arch, Milan, Italy

Technical info: PVC mesh

Picture credits: Pi.Arch

Website: www.piuarch.it