Al Khor Stadium


Preliminary work on Al Bayt, a proposed semi-final venue, has already started and construction is due to be completed in 2018. As one of the World Cup’s semi-final venues, the new arena has a modular design, which includes an upper tier of removable seats.

The stadium will seat 60,000 but after the tournament the design allows the upper tier of seating to be removed, reducing the stadium to 32,000 seats. The removed seats are planned to be donated to other countries “to leave a legacy for international football development.

The Stadium design is an entirely-Qatari concept, reflecting Qatar’s proud history and culture. It is based on Bayt Al Sha’ar, a black-and-white tent used traditionally by nomadic people in Qatar and rest of the region. 

This stadium will be one of the largest in the world covering a floor area of 96,900 m2. It includes many special features including a black PTFE cladding on the roof with black and white PTFE stripes on the facade. This represents the traditional Qatari tent with a black roof, and black and white horizontal stripes on the facade.

The interior of the stadium has a printed PVC liner to represent the interior of the Qatari tent. The centre portion of the roof features a folding, retractable system.


Project: Al Khor Stadium

Location: Al Khor, Qatar

Architects: DAR Al Handasah Consultants

Technical info: PVC and PTFE membrane

Picture credits: Al Khor Stadium DAR Al Handasah Consultants

Website: www.dar.dargroup.com