RCS Media Pavilion


The pavilion for RCS Media, designed by Italian architect and designer Monica Armani, draws its inspiration on the temporary character of the structure as well as the historical precedent of the expo exhibition buildings being at the forefront of contemporary architecture. 

The architecture of the pavilions is based on a transparent volume made of xlam columns and inflated PVC crystal cushions. 22 transparent two-layer cushions create the facades while two printed tri-layer cushions form the roofs. The roofs can filter sun rays according to the inflation of the two chambers, thanks to random patterns printed on different layers in positive/negative arrangement.

The lightness of the inflated part contrasts with the weight and the mass of the vertical and horizontal wooden structure. This combination ends up in an elegant and sober construction.

Designed with the focus of material reuse and characterised by attention to details of the finishes and materials, it quickly becomes a recognisable building, a building used, shared and enjoyed, a building that tells the story and, at the same time, stresses the relevance of the Corriere della Sera’s Group.


Project: RCS Media Pavilion

Location: Expo 2015, Milan, Italy

Architects: Monica Armani, Italy

Technical info: PVC mesh

Picture credits: Expo 2015, Monica Armani

Website: www.monica-armani.com