The Water Tank Project

The Water Tank Project The Water Tank Project  The Water Tank Project 
The Water Tank Project  The Water Tank Project   

Artists: Ed Ruscha, Marilyn Minter, Jose Parla, Carrie Mae Weems, Clifford Ross, Tony Oursler, Tony Conrad, Lawrence Weiner, Jay-Z, Thom and others         
Location: New York City, USA
The Water Tank Project (TWTP) is a landmark public art initiative that has transformed New York skyline in the summer of 2013 by wrapping water tanks across the City with original water-themed art by renowned and emerging artists. Grounded in the inspirational power of public art, the project aims to galvanize a global community to dream big, to believe, to create, to share—to be the drop that starts a global ripple effect for water stewardship.
For the first time in history, New York City’s iconic water tanks has been used as canvases for public art. Twelve feet high, thirteen feet in diameter, made mostly of redwood, water tanks can be seen from almost every corner of the City.
Artists participating in TWTP have donated original works of art, which were scanned and printed on PVC sheet that installed on carefully selected tanks. These artist-designed tanks sparked a global dialogue about the future of one of our most precious and endangered resources: water. 
People have experienced The Water Tank Project live in NYC while many more around the world experienced the event virtually through apps and web based multimedia.
The Water Tank Project also promoted New York City’s high quality drinking water and highlight the role of the world’s major cities in leading the way to responsible stewardship of water.
Technical info: PVC membrane
Picture credits: The Water Tank Project