Weser ParkHaus

Weser ParkHaus Weser ParkHaus 
Weser ParkHaus  Weser ParkHaus 

Architects: Helmut Jahn Architects, Berlin, Germany   
Location: Bremen, Germany    
The former grounds of the Weser station in Bremen, is flourishing once again. The protruding Weser tower, which was designed by the Chicago and Berlin-based architect Helmut Jahn, is located at the heart of the Weser quarter. The main tenants are subsidiary companies of the power supplier, in the areas of technology and communication. 
The six-story parking deck with 700 parking spaces capacity allows for safe and convenient parking. The buildings approval was granted under the request that the façade should be designed to be appealing and corresponding to the contemporary style of the districts architectural language.
In order to fulfill this request on the basis of  Jahn Architects design language, it was developed the technical solution for the membrane facade. Made of PVC-PES and semi-translucent reflecting surfaces which are installed in varying inclinations, these facades reflect the LED illumination of the Weser Tower standing vis-à-vis. Additionally, the facade changes the appearance following lighting varieties of daylight and seasons. Sometimes it appears bright in the sunset changing colour to a subtle red. Shaded by the office building, it appears in dark tones. The reflecting surfaces always form a deep contrast, showing brighter or darker colours than the surrounding façade, depending on light incidence.
Technical info: PVC-PES Stamisol 
Picture credits: Jahn Architects