Kreod Pavilion

Kreod Pavilion Kreod Pavilion  Kreod Pavilion 
Kreod Pavilion  Kreod Pavilion   
Kreod Pavilion  Kreod Pavilion   

Architects: Chun Qing Li, London, UK  
Location: London, UK       
Kreod is an innovative architectural sculpture, organic in form and inspired by nature. Its structure is comprised of three rearrangeable “seed pod” pavilions formed by a double curved wooden frame of open interlocking hexagons and a waterproof PVC tensile membrane.
The pavilion sits on castors that allow the structure to be moved and rearranged into different forms and spaces to create a versatile event space with practical considerations for transportation, storage, disassembly and reassembly.
The form itself is a geodesic structure, created from unique pieces of wood, individually CNC machined to follow the correct form. Each piece is then pinned to the next to create the inherently very strong shape that appears to curve smoothly in both directions. 
The PVC membrane is fixed in place via a simple pocket detail on the outside of the fabric, tensioned back to the frame on each seam line, and trapped at each end.
Using digital technology to its fullest, Kreod has been delivered in a collaborative manner with each member of the design team understanding the innovative work and challenges of the other contributors and designing accordingly.
Technical info: Serge Ferrari PVC membrane 
Picture credits: Ed Kingsford