Espaço a3: Clinica Jardim

In Lisbon, at a mirrored post-modern building, a new space is being developed, a dental care clinic in a minimalist design where every detail is taken care of by Portuguese architecture firm Espaço a3. The building, with a glass skin, is flooded with natural light however functionality imposes lot of partitions in the space. The clients were looking for a renovated space that would reflect a positive image for their work. The main goal was to bring natural light to all the spaces: the different paths started to draw the partitions and transform the whole space up to the elevator area since the intervention was extended to the building's common spaces. Here one finds the reception and the clinic's image is enhanced with a  touch of colour, allowing a reference to the cooperative image of their medical services, also developed by Espaço a3. The whole floor is elevated to carry all the required technical wiring. The textures were also enhanced by using PVC carpet in the waiting and corridor areas; and regular vinyl in the offices, since those materials give comfort and are appropriate for cleaning and maintenance.
Link: www.espacoa3.pt