House M: residential

Sitting in Linz, Germany, the 12 x 12 metre cube designed by the Austrian Caramel Architekten, takes full advantage of its position by establishing itself as far into the north-eastern corner of the site as building codes permit. These two sides have a very hermetic appearance, thus preventing neighbours from looking in. The cube is enveloped in synthetic membrane. For the roof area white epdm was used; for the façade area, invisibly welded to the roof liner, white Teflon-coated PVC, which was secured at intervals through the thermal insulation layer between the outer membrane and the structural panels. The simple form of the building volume, the high degree of prefabrication, its excellent cellulose-fibre thermal insulation, as well as the application of calorific value technology and external shading all contribute to making this a very economical and ecological building.
Link: www.caramel.at