Tolo House: Alvaro Leite Siza

The project developed by the Portuguese architect Alvaro Leite Siza, consists of a holiday home with three bedrooms, a common bathroom, a living room, a dining room, a small kitchen with a washbasin, pantry and even a small outdoor swimming pool.
The terrain is sharply inclined and has a distinctive configuration: it is very long and narrow. However, the fact that it faces south allows it to receive optimal solar exposure and to enjoy an exclusive natural view. Paving stones of reinforced concrete are constructed, creating an air-space between these and the ground, which is fundamental for guaranteeing decent waterproofing and improved thermal behaviour in the terrain with such an elevated water table. The reinforced concrete walls contain an exterior finishing with special formwork, its stereotomy having been designed. PVC canvases make foundations, walls, and roofs waterproof. The roofing is covered with thermal insulation and  prefabricated, anti-slip tiles. Some patios are filled with humus for a grass surface. The few non-resistant walls are built with cement blocks filled with sand.
Link: www.casatolo.com