Eclipse Bar: Riccardo Bofill Taller de Arquitectura

The hotel W Barcelona, located at the new entrance of Barcelona's Port, appears as a modern icon rising above the Mediterranean Sea and is a landmark of this new area to be developed with high-end retail, office and entertainment venues. A sail shaped building on a 10-hectare piece of land reclaimed from the sea, is included in an ambitious urban renovation plan of Barcelona's coastline. The reflecting façade of silvery glass blends with the colours of the sky and the sparkle of the sea. Its allegoric shape is a reference point. The Eclipse bar is a wrapped-around, glass-fronted lounge bar at the top of the building and offers the best panoramic view of the city. The lift that brings you to the bar is relatively dark, to preserve the surprise effect, the visual impact of the corridor and the lighting of the bar. The stretched PVC ceiling, thanks to the lighting system with changing colours, creates an unique ambiance: modern and soft.

Link: www.ricardobofill.com