Vonsung Design Studio: Vonsung Pavilion

Last edition's Tent at the Old Truman Brewery features a temporary but superb restaurant and cafe, created by London's Vonsung Design Studio. Creative director Joseph Sung and his team have designed this pop-up pavilion. "We have had to conceive the design of the pavilion taking into account the very short construction time, the shortlife span of the restaurant and the need for it to return to the original state of the Truman Brewery shortly after the event," explains Sung. "While I am sympathetic to the interest of cutting, pasting and remixing in design, I feel that this database we use is the same as that of American postmodernism - exaggeratedclich's of Greek and Roman styles. I searched high and low for something in this project to embrace the materiality of the wood boards on the outside, and my use of vinyl sheets for the floor, walls and ceiling - an attempt to envelop space with the distinctive softness and gentleness of bonding particles used for this particular pavilion." The whole structure is illuminated both by skylights and dramatic indoor lighting, forming shadows and silhouettes, creating a compelling feature within Tent, London's design
Link: www.vonsung.com