Philippe Samyn and Partners: Mileikowsky House

The Mileikowsky's House is built on a 600 m2 piece of land, located in Linkebeek, Belgium, designed with sustainable material and conceptualised by Belgian architects Samyn and Partners. The building has curved profiles and facade vegetation which makes it very private and closed, to the neighborhoods, to the north, the east and the south. In contrast, the western facade is entirely glass-walled as if it were one huge partitioned window.  he construction includes the street level of an existing small house. It now houses the entry hall, a large office and a kitchen; the living-room and the stairway are in the extension to the building. Immense, translucid and white curtains, in widths of 1.6 m, suspended from the top of the structure to the ground floor run along this great window to provide shade in the summer months. Initially conceived as a wall of ivy with a patinated copper roof, the facade vegetation was finally composed of a selection of exotic plants chosen by the botanical artist Patrick Blanc and extends to cover the roof. It was necessary to determine the structure, the insulation, and the water-tightness of the envelope and resolve some building-physics issues in order to accommodate the necessary supports, irrigation and fertilisation systems for the plants which are set into a felt support, stapled to rigid PVC panels.
Link: www.samynandpartners.be