Municipal Center for Citizen Activities

Three years ago Sección B Arquitectura, the Spanish architecture studio, received a commission for the partial demolition of an unfinished building to recover the components of the building that was previously on the site. 

The architects were to design a project that would make compatible the recovery of the components with the neighbour program (spaces for neighbourhood organisations, Information Point for Women, adult education and multipurpose room).

The perimeter of the main courtyard is set using an auxiliary structure that supports the vegetation in planters at different levels, offsetting the volumes of the built areas that have a clear horizontal component. It features vertical and horizontal connections between uses. The conformation of the courtyard as a vegetal structure provides the necessary sun protection to exposed westward facades, while a fountain behind it transforms it into a cold sink (thanks to the evaporation of water in a shaded atmosphere).

The existing concrete structure has been consolidated and expanded with a metal structure. The partition wall consists of removable PVC panels to ensure maximum functional flexibility. Floors combine natural stones with PVC linings and industrial parquet. From the first sketches, we investigated eco-design criteria for maximum possible energy efficiency in the building.


Project: Municipal Center for Citizen Activities

Location: Seville, Spain

ArchitectsSección B Arquitectura , Madrid, Spain

Technical info:PVC panels

Picture creditsJesús Granada