Plastique Fantastique, a Berlin-based collective for temporary architecture that samples the performance possibilities of urban environments, has recently designed Aeropolis, a transparent blow-up structure that can be inflated in any location and used as an enclosed event space.

The Aeropolis pavilion has been used as an event hub for the last Metropolis Festival in Copenhagen and has been erected in 13 locations, including a green park, under a bridge and inside a church.

Events held inside the bubble have included a light installation, dance performance, a star-gazing evening and a music concert.

The scenography changes with the specific environment: there’s meditation and yoga by the lake, it opens up towards the sky above us in a cemetery, it invites us to a soundless discotheque at one of the noisiest intersections in the city, it provides performance at Islands Brygge, martial arts at Superkilen and Karom competitions in Versterbro, it blows up inside a church and shows a future cultural centre in Valby.

The structure is made from fire-proof PVC and when inflated industrial ventilators are used to retain the air pressure required to keep the bubble's shape

Plastique Fantastique’s synthetic structures affect surrounding spaces like a soap bubble does: similar to a foreign body, it occupies and mutates urban space. Their interventions change the way we perceive and interact in urban environments. By mixing different landscape types, an osmotic passage between private and public space generates new hybrid environments.


Project: Aeropolis

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Designer: Plastique Fantastique, Berlin, Germany 

Technical info: PVC membrane

Picture credits: Plastique Fantastique