The Rather Large Array

The suspended building-sized scanner was fabricated to both present and record the exhibition MADE UP, curated by Los Angeles-based architect Tim Durfee with Haelim Paek.

The structure explores a possible future for architecture where sensors, cameras and other digital technologies are so central to the functioning of our cities that they become one and the same with the physical architecture. As visitors view the work in the gallery, the structure periodically scans the space with its 24 cameras. The images are then compiled and plotted onto the exhibition guide, producing a "live" catalogue of the exhibition, one in which visitors often find themselves amongst the work.

The installation is comprised of 256 thermally-formed PVC pods of three strands each: one for data, one for power, and one for structure.  The Rather Large Array uses only modest hardware store components: inexpensive microcontrollers, cameras, and lights. The construction approach allowed for nearly all of the material to be reused: few of the fourteen 20'-0" Douglas Fir beams were cut and could be reused; the steel rigging materials were rented for the installation period, and since no holes compromised the integrity of the 768 PVC pipes, they could be donated to a non-profit housing organisation and urban gardening project. 

MADE UP and The Rather Large Array were produced by AMP (Architecture/Media Programs), an ongoing project studio founded by Tim Durfee that uses design as a mode of investigation, experimentation, and research on annual themes.  


Project: The Rather Large Array

Location: Pasadena, USA

Architect: Tim Durfee Studio, Los Angeles, USA

Technical info: PVC pipes and sheets

Picture credits: Taiyo Watanabe