Parametric Pavilion

The project of the Parametric Pavilion started with an algorithm: a pyramid-shaped component placed across a vaulted surface, creating a strong differentiation by changing its height.

Another algorithm was elaborated to unfold all the 195 components to a flat surface to be laser cut, and then folded to generate the pyramidal shape from a single piece of 3-millimetre Coroplast. 

The team carefully assembled all the components using an industrial staple gun and plastic cable zip ties and reinforced the structure with PVC pipes that were fixed to the ground. The pavilion will encourage future students to use digital fabrication techniques.

The smooth forms of the structures, influenced by pedestrian movement, create a series of spaces that flow from one to the next. The pavilion opens to the sky and creates a space for users to relax and enjoy the surroundings.


Project: Parametric Pavilion

Location: Monterrey, Mexico

Architects: lejandro Rodriguez Design with Tecnologico De Monterrey

Technical info: PVC tubes

Picture credits: Alejandro Rodriguez Design

Website: www.rcrarquitectes.esit