Olympic Velodrome

Velodrome 1  Velodrome 2 Velodrome 3  Velodrome 4 

Architect: Hopkins Architects, UK 
Location: London, UK 

The hyperbolic paraboloid-shaped steel-framed structure sits on a 360 degree glazed concourse at entry level, and is clad in timber with little apertures to allow for natural ventilation. 
Around 6,000 seats are located all the way around the track and are split into an upper and lower tier by the glazed concourse.

The Velodrome has been designed with the aim of creating the world’s fastest cycling track by tailoring the track geometry and setting the temperature and environmental conditions within the venue to create record-breaking conditions. The venue has also been being designed with seating all the way round the track to create the best possible crowd atmosphere during events.

The PVC coated polyester mesh screen is visually continuous around the whole bowl, varying in height and gradient as it fills the void between the seating ‘bleachers’ and the curved roof. PVC fabric is stretched on a slope from the back edge of each rank of the upper tier seating up to the structural steel ring beam that supports the roof. 

The building has been designed to be lightweight and efficient to reflect the efficient design of a bicycle. The use of abundant daylight through strategically positioned rooflights reduces need for artificial lighting, and natural ventilation is achieved through openings in the external timber cladding of the venue. 

Heating and ventilation systems to meet cycling environmental requirements, allowing the highest performance by the elite cyclists, whilst maintaining high energy-efficiency. Compact design minimises energy consumed to heat the main arena.

Technical info: Pthalate-free PVC 
Picture credits: Hopkins Architects