Munich Fractal Arena

Architect: Dear Design, Spain   www.deardesign.net
Location: Valencia, Spain

Munich, the fashion and sports footwear firm, opened its second boutique in Valencia. Designed by Spanish studio Dear Design, the store focuses on exhibiting the brand’s shoes while immersing visitors into a stadium type space flooded with light, framed by a hanging metal structure.

The stadium space is shaped by the metal structure, a sort of second skin, that surrounds the existing container without touching it and also serves to exhibit the shoes.

The structure’s fractal design is based on infinitely repeated Xs, the brand’s symbol, down to the last detail: the supports, the backstitching on the skin on the bench and the counter, and the system of catches – always performing different functions.  Each hole in the structure allows for easy access to the exhibited product, highlighted by the use of white.

The simplicity to this project lies in saving materials – only sheets of glossy white lacquered iron for the perimeter structure, Corian for the lettering, a PVC stretched ceiling for lighting, natural iron for the joinery, white polyurethane resin with glossy varnished finish for the floor, and white skin and iron sheets for the furniture.

Technical info: PVC ceiling
Picture credits: Xavier Manosa