Juventus Arena

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Architects: Gino Zavanella, Italy and Hernando Suarez
Location: Turin, Italy

The new Juventus stadium design in Italy was designed by architects Gino Zavanella & Hernando Suarez. Design of the stadium with a wide span structure with two large columns has a seating capacity of 41,000 spectators.

The shape of the new stadium design is quite luxurious. Where all the stands are designed with the design of domination by the white color with a two-level model and all protected by transparent roof covering the stadium.

The engineering solution of this cover is unique and appears of great lightweight: it is suspended at the 4 corners with tensioned steel cables joined to high masts measuring more than 90 meters. The model was tested in a wind tunnel; its profile is similar to that of an airplane wing to avoid wind turbulence and consequently built with the use of a material very light in weight

A structure made of partially opaque and partially transparent membranes has been utilized to create a beautiful view of the field, both day and night, allowing at the same time, the sunlight to reach the grass. The fabrics used are PVC/PES of light gray color and a single layer of ETFE foil to cover the arches. The membrane is divided into sections and each primary arch is fixed and tensioned to the perimeter aluminum profiles.

Technical info: PVC/PES fabric Ferrari Precontraint 
Picture credits: Courtesy Christian Nesset, Gino Zavanella