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The interior design of the Customer Experience Centre in Prague was established for presentation purposes to the valued clients of Vodafone. The platform allows the company's clients to get a personalised and tailored tour which reflects their individual needs and provides them with a 'know-how' portfolio of Vodafone’s telecommunication technology and services.

This arrangement of space which leads into the customer's tour firstly provides a relaxation zone from where the individual is intuitively lured past the “organic walls“ towards the entrance welcome zone. The main part of the presentation occurs at the central – “Onenet” object which leads from the back section via a narrow corridor and provides every customer with a slow transition between the real world and the reality created by Vodafone. From there they continue to another two separated and differently shaped parts where the tour comes to an end.

An exciting opportunity was creating a space on the ground floor of the Vodafone CR headquarters in direct connection with the Fuel Cafe. The spaces are separated by a glass wall and thus in direct visual contact. Therefore the central object is designed with the main compositional accent directed at and in the plain sight of Fuel.

Several interesting construction technologies were used in this specific building space. These spatial objects were created on a complicated, shaped, steel-carrier construction. They firstly composed them in relation to their size in the factory hall and then had to fit them in part by part on location.

For the peripherel shape a steel tube was chosen with a 60mm diametral, the rest of the ribs were created with a steel jackel 25x25mm. Subsequently the shape was divided into segments using aluminum moldings used for the stretching of PVC Barrisol foil. IO Studio used the combination of red and white foil as to recreate Vodafone's colour.

Costumer Experience Center

Architects: IO Studio, Prague, Czech Republic 

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

Technical info: PVC Barrisol foil

Picture credits: Alexander Doborvotský

Website: www.iostudio.cz