Capsula Multi Brand Store

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Architect: Sandor Gocsei, Eniko Korompay – Göske Project 
Location: Budapest, Hungary

The Capsula Multi-brand Store in Budapest is the result of an intuitive and fruitful collaboration between the owner and Hungarian architects Sandor Gocsei and Eniko Korompay , whom are responsible for creating an attractive contemporary space in a historic building.

As the number of the shop windows on the facade were limited and the unique fashion-pieces, like a true master-piece, are in limited edition, the architects aim was to create a so called ‘exhibition space’. This is a new concept shopping-experience, which at the same time is a highly elegant, attractive, spacious and welcoming store. It is the first of its kind in Budapest, creating a powerful combination of urban flowing contemporary design and traditional heritage elements.

From outside, the great spectacular height of this space and the scenic brightness immediately attracts your attention. Inside, the spaces are resolved without barriers into a single open space, despite the original difference between the ceiling height of the front space and the back area of this historic building.

Entering the store, you have the experience of stepping into an exhibition space where the idea in materials, finishing, furnishing and ornamentation unify the composition.

The garments are the centre of attention in front of the glossy, white large plains, bold curves and arched surfaces. The ceiling is finished with shiny PVC sheet, a material that produces the effect of wispy reflective structure holed antagonism by the strong black painted steel columns, which the architects have kept in their original state.

The design result is excitement, creativity, innovation and interaction.

It stimulates the senses and brings a new feel to traditional shopping-concepts, just as the designer’s plans intended. They created a story-board for the different shop areas on diversity. Gone is the design repetition so often found in shops, without lessening the unifying element of visual uniformity.

Technical info: PVC ceiling
Picture credits: Tamas Bujnovszky