Bausch & Lomb Headquarters

The project, developed by 137Kilo, the Polish design team, is the Polish headquarters of Bausch & Lomb, a large pharmaceutical corporation. The client wanted the office space to highlight the company’s scientific heritage while providing a high quality working environment for its employees.

Research labs; and contact lenses, the client’s main product, served as their inspiration. White exposed ceilings combined with glass surfaces create a light and transparent space. This seemingly sterile aesthetic is balanced by green walls along the space’s main visual axes and functional solutions which encourage teamwork and relaxation.

Curtains not only provide privacy, but also introduce a homelike atmosphere thanks to their soft forms. An open-space arrangement was used for many of the workspaces. The open space is punctuated with meeting room domes which also delineate the office’s various departments.

The domes are meant for less formal work meetings. Their high-tech PVC inflatable surfaces invoke the client’s main product: contact lenses. The domes’ internal steel structure provides rigidity and adherence to fire codes. The domes are connected to ventilation and air conditioning systems, creating a comfortable work environment.

The client’s desire to provide a comfortable work environment is manifested by the “fun room” which features a library, a foosball table and an adult-sized playpen. Work spaces are some of the project’s key elements. Each four-person work area invokes the “+” symbol (an element of the company’s logo) and has a small tree in its centre. Employees in each area are responsible for watering their tree, which underlines the company’s commitment to team work.


Project: Bausch & Lomb Headquarter 

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Architect: 137Kilo, Poland, Warsaw 

Technical info: Inflated PVC

Picture credits: Jacek Kołodziejski 

Website: www.307kilo.pl