PVC Factory for Solvay: Samyn & Partners

The industrial zone near Novgorod is the site for a planned PVC factory designed by Samyn & Partners, the Belgian architecture studio. The project is intimately integrated within the ensemble and concerns the administrative area of the factory, the interface between the factory and the outside world. It includes the developmentof the exterior, and the construction of offices, laboratories and workshops required for production. The plan groups three buildings in parallel bars perpendicular to the access road, like connecting traces between the factory and its surrounding environment. These buildings are situated as closely as possible to one another in order to economise the terrain, to enhance interaction among various functions and to reinforce solidarity among the personnel. The parabolic roof structures confer an open character to the intermediate areas while facilitating the natural evacuation of snow. The three buildings are connected to one another by covered pedestrian walkways that form interior courtyards used as parking lots. On the exterior of the building, emergency galleries and stairways follow the facade in a similar fashion as the interior stairways and walkways are disposed. Each building is illuminated by windows placed with PVC roof finishing membrane.
Links: www.samynandpartners.be


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