Design Miami Pavilion: Moorhead & Moorhead

Design Miami, the global forum for art and design, has presented its last edition in an engaging new pavilion designed by Moorhead & Moorhead, the New York-based architecture and industrial design studio. Commissioned by Design Miami to transcend the appearance of a traditional clear-span tent while working within the limitations of the structure, Moorhead & Moorhead's final design manipulates the most common tent materials in unexpected and innovative ways. For the temporary structure, the architects first wanted to embrace the existing form and structure of a typical tent, while manipulating or deconstructing its surface. A series of full-scale vinyl mock-ups helped them develop a pattern of cutting and folding, which allowed them to take the flat surface of the typical tent panel and transform it into an open volumetric latticework. They chose vinyl as a starting point, in part for durability and engineering reasons, but primarily as a way to celebrate the everyday tent. With the design of the pavilion feature, a partially covered courtyard in which guests are allowed to linger and relax, Moorhead & Moorhead have created space by folding andcutting the tent's vinyl façade in a striking mosaic pattern that creates ever-changing displays of light and shadow.
Link: www.moorheadandmoorhead.com